Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2 B

Hello little bird

lifes like a jigsaw

Hello political animal

who thinks
the answers
up your sleeves

Hello little bird

don't listen to the spin docters voice

 Their payments well over due


To the animal within our minds , hearts & toes

(cus these little digits R important to the general balance)

Why do  we need to read the same stuff

our species can send a body to play golf upon the cheesey surface of the moon.

How ever

4 some reason known only to Rupert Murdoch 


who provide us mere mortals with our daily bread
yes i would like to have lots of wedge
i can step off the treadmill
of paying the taxes on the wills i accommodate nay accumulate
ever week i die.

Pause for thought

Will the peep who reads this in say 1000000000000 years time 
and as of yet no one has ,but full of hope, i am only looking 4 one sane loony.

Will the peep tink; what a load of reasonable waffle
This bod has a point
Will this get to
                                a point worth reading
                                                                               Will it be enlightening
                                                                                                                              or just more crap

is in the eye of the beholder

lies behind an open door closing backwards

are the form that judges pronounce titles in

creates memories

And last but not least
who the fuck
came up with NO!

isn't Yes! enough to be going on with.

Just maybe........ when some UG-UG
was trying, very hard to be different from the clan
making the pitch for; Hello I'm ere.

They, he or she.... miss-took the shaking of the head in a sideways fashion
as the opposite of the up and down
that was kinda known as conformation of an agreement between said parties.
In fact the side to side motion was in fact an attempt to be rid of a pesky fly that was trying to get some good solid wax for the creation of a homely warm water tight nesting arrangement for......

(apparently one should not repeat ones words ie "for" to often as it shows
a certain uneducated kinda upbringing, fuck dat!
i say, cus dis is from me soul wo/man to be politically correct so there posh twit Na Na Na)

back to the creation story

the young it was about to evict from its nether regions.

Sow a neddle pulling the thread out and into the light came up with the opposite of the said Nod
in agreement!

Thus summut else had to be and sum one came up with No!

Moral of this story is, blame the little things that are just trying to get by rather than ourselves as its easier and a good excuse for coming up with pesticides.

Also sounds alot better or more comforting than proclaiming; some tithhead human animal decided....
They,he or she wanted to have us little folk by the genitals.

Guess what i say we should say to those that imply they have our nether regions in their control.......

Yes, you may believe that
Yes, they are my nether regions
Yes i think you can Sod the Fek off.

Sounds alot better than No, don't u think.

Yes is good
yes is three
yes i'll turn
my back on thee

Yes is fine
yes is now
yes is a smile
and a wow

Yes is rich
yes is nice
yes is yes
so say it thrice.

wasteing my time

and its fun Na Na Na NAA NA
is any one

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'd like to be gone when it happens

At a sunrise that will never be seen
Lizards examined the air


Count tear drops 
Dawns pink sheets
until they evaporate 


Birds evenings songs
become complete

Spitting a kiss
That rides days breath.

It's declared

So they start anew

taste truth
It has survived the night

No bars
No windows dressed
No broken
silent hisses

The mid of this day

Heats the skin

Makes them sway & rock
no need for rubber sticky sock

Quite simple see

The Heat
The ride
A world at ease within its self


Self Doubt cuddled up to Listen to me, 
High on a shelf covered in dust
                                               Waiting for evolution to arrive.....

Will that, be a beautiful dawn?.


Monday, December 7, 2009


The first kiss
of your youth
in the 21st Century

You know what
to do

Just when
to do it
is the problem

Just snoggggggggG

do it
Like in the films

then he recalls mums cautious words.

Don't bash
your teeth
The HBF has run out.


He sat on the bottom step

considered his options
like a learned man

& then quenched his Thirst

Laughter followed by tears

replaced what he'd drunk

A 10,000 amp fence,

that was invisible to his eyes.


those not focused.

He laughed


Flicked the lice to another housing estate.

Not wanting to evict their cousins they made new friends and crawled back.

No place like home,eh!

Chuckling he rubbed his knee

where cloth once kept it warm.

An Inquiring innocent remarked on his Toenails;

"They're like boomerangs Mum"

She wondered if he'd remember

Sunset Kisses over looking Eagle Bay

"Yes darling

But they, won't come back"

He laughed at the pavement
and drank his fill of Tears

Friday, November 27, 2009


Do i know you, your demeanor is familiar.

That expression, peeping out your eyes is playfull.

Someone has woken up between my ears
calling a name thats, again known yet some how forgotten.

Its on the tip of my......
you'd stand quietly in my bedroom
we'd do something? 
when i was a young man, boy
as a child
you were the eyes that watched me cry
when my nappy was full.

Whats your name?

I've got it!
Then, you did not have one.

But were always there.
You spoke softly, kindness captured in every breath
then released to float down through and out those pictures
only you could set free.

I know who you are
the other me.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Oh! Not That Again

Ear can i ask a question?

When does it happen that very first thought
When your still inside all warm and squigjey 
As you slide out to the gasps of a woman or bloke
tasting the air as it runs down your sweet throat

Is it the kiss that given so softly 
or those hands that embrace you
or the soothing voices that you've heard for so long 
as chatter 
as natter  
but more often as song.

Maybe its when your as two in the bath
No it couldn't be that as your having a laugh

Well then,is it the time when you see love in their eyes 
and you think; is this feeling 
the one, That makes you fly.
Could it be, when holding a n others soft hand 
and the view all a round becomes a tingle that fans.

Or  was it when playing at the park with me mates
that my heart zapped me brain and opened the gate
Was it when walking along that warm snuggly soft shore that the opposite sex 
became Oh so much more than a boring, Shut up. 
Change this subject right now.
To a Cor  whats this thought and your lips sinc a Wow.

Was it the redness that shot over me face 
when a secret admirers smile and the shrug of their shoulders 
made me think its alright cus they want you, to be bolder.
Maybe when i walked in the corner store and saw that mind boggling image of "Here i am!" 
follow me down the isle 
Shame they are on the front of that mag
I needed more money, with it i was so sad.
Was it at school 
Was it by the pool
At the bus stop
In the pub
Down the chippy buyin grub.

It's happening quite alot these days 
As I'm thinking up a few different ways
to get me self into the market place
As I don't really want to be last in this big human race.

sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex

Doing it sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex  
fluffing it sex sex sex sex sex sex sex 
fulfilling it sex sex sex sex sex sex
waiting a bit sex sex sex sex sex   
not like them over there........ sexing it!

Avert your eyes slowly
don't stand ridged un stare sex sex sex sex sex

Will you be wanted or will you really want them sex sex sex 
and will you once started do it again and again sex sex

Bonking, touching, kissing and stuff sex sex 
But most important of all 
will it be love.... copulation for de creation of sex sex sex 

Will it last more than 13 days owwowwowwo sex sex  
 will you have the Give away gaze of sex sex sex 

I've heard other parents saying
Making babies OH No! 
Have sexual intercoarse blow that! 
whatever its called now, searching  for the Gasp!
Enjoy all the screams! 
Experiment with good vibrations! or double thick cream!.

Just not babies No not Babbies  
Your to young for all, of that stuff.
And I've also heard, the parental natter chatter going like this ....
Fek you cus i don't give a toss
as long as, one of U pair has a job
Oh yeah & the one that went
"Of coarse luv we'll stand by your side" saying; Think on this as, just part of the ride.
Or its a well known silly old fact 
that one of you buggers 
will end on ya back from a birthin or chasing 
next doors fluffy white cat.

Just promise to wait a while longer , you know 
before wanting to share the warm tummy glow.
Swear U wont tink it now, make us a pact, no talk off wee babees 
when your tucked in the sack.
Enjoy.. bonking sex.. thrusting sex.. shivery sex 
with a person you know; err respect  yes respect  
who has the same feelings..thoughts un ideas 
the ones that we've come to 
after all of these years.

Then there is 

Stepping away from parental responsibilities to a lighter note.
Let us dwell on those weird STDs 
these are those things that should make your bits freeze
Some can be gone in a matter of weeks 
but nowdays they lasts for well ever and ever 
these ikkle wee bugs ave become....... ever so clever.

And me mate said..

Tis said by idealists they send out a recon crew to your grey matter below & upstairs
placing goose bumbs, hot flushes and a desire for the flow
Only good peeps think hard and fight firmly with No!

This battle should last quite awhile 13 minuetes, days, weeks, months amounting to twelve. 
Just to be sure of their commitment before you dig fumble & delve in sex sex sex sex SEX!

Pardon, say it again, Yes i was lost, in the image of sexing stuff.

Hope is eternal 
we all want someone to love 
we just get confused by the meaning of it all, especially when we are not, old enough 
to vote, get pissed or earn a descent wage to get by on.

Mateing, chasing, its gonna happen some fine day 
and every time after
it'll be a wonderful awakening 
they'll be skipping 
grown laughter,
eyebrows dancing all by themselves and of coarse you'll now shop
on the exclusive Westfarmers shelves.

And i Hope That doesn't stops you from thinking bout weeping sores and stuff 
as the ickkle bugs believe
your locked on target all ahead full 
no time for reason 
no time for doubt 
you just wanna experience the groans & the shouts
& of coarse... the exstacey sweats all ya friends talk about.
Your cup runneth over.

The smell of fine wine a feast of the flesh, all have sweet moments 
as you'll learn
as you'll guess.

So when does it happen that very first thought
in the womb in their gaze 
in their touch in their smell
Really few know it dear 
As they're caught by its yell

My answer my darling........ No you won't go to Hell

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

whats it all about alfie

get away from the edge
get away from my veg
get away U R Knot a person of good
get away from me fud
get away go out side 
get away go & hide
get away U smell so bad
get away you are sad
get away me eads whizzy
get away i lost me fizzy
get away go on get lost
get away go un doss
get away & take your socks
get away & take those jocks
get away leave me frock
get away walk don't stop
get away i'm watching clock
get away gone on, &.. don't turn around
justget away just hear my sound

Does anyone out there Have a Spare Million or Two

For the purpose of this ditto we will say you have 1,000,000
If By chance its in the Bank then take it out and divide it by the number of needy peeps you see on the streets in the coarse of your day.
eg  If you see 5 then the number you come to is 200,000
      If you see 15 then its 66,666.66
     If you see  39 its 25,641.02
     Should your eyes be open now to this experiment and you can perceive seeing 59601 in the coarse of your day (may be you watch loads of Help The World CDs) the number will be 16.77 

Now maybe to some thats More like IT!

 Maybe to some they're thinking of the difficulties in sending 59601 envelopes
Maybe its better to give to a few cus its not so hard to make sure they get it?
Maybe you r uncomfortable with the similarities to the Number of the Beast......who knows??
Or maybe you've walked the streets and seen no needy,suffering,pennylesspeeps carrying assorted cardboard boxes like their lives depended on them.
Maybe your Blind  & can't see them if so may eye suggest that you ask the person whos read this to your goodself to be your eyes.
Or if your computers read this to you ask it to phone a friend or ask your partner to be yours eyes on the street.

However if by chance you have come to the conclusion that this is a load of Old "Yawn Yawn" Left Wing
Trotskiiiii shite Tosh & you just can't give away money to any old or young Tom, Dick, Hazel or Carol
and you do have a spare 1 or 2 Mil sitting in an account just making peanuts (now here is a get out of jail card if ever i've typed one, for those, who are still thinking " this one refers to it as peanuts!!!" you've read this far so U might as well go the distance.... Double Dare U!) I have this to type to U U & U...

Build something you can then Own & give what U consider to these Poor Dogs a rent free home.
Teach them to be independent Human beings ? & don't forget  cus this idea may have you thinkig of Loads of Rent steadeeeeerly  increaseing to a tidy sum. Allow them to not be Holden to U from the off . that might get you in to the place upstairs me thinks.
Give them a chance let these good folk dance yes let them whoop & sing & PRANCE.
But most of all let them be
of that called Humanity.....big word eh and slightly abused?
But Ow that word again, if U think Ow that word too! that i'm stark raving nuts try to fit yourself & 2 million bucks (small denomination only and not in cequence ) into a coffin to take U away.
Cus I see your friends going ERR? Hey! Fucking HEY!!!.... I'll carry the coffin he was my best friend.
We went through thick & thin "I" should be there at the end.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Day to Day is not Tomorrow

Hello World Hello You
Whats on your shoulder and why are you Blue
Could it be something you've had for tea
Or is it the fact you've been waiting for me

I know.. i'm a tad late, 4 years have passed by
But if i told you the truth
we'd just sit down and squeal
Cus its such good thing a wonderment real
Ok Ok Ok i'll tell you
as you are me best friend
it might take awhile
so stay to the end Ok Ok Ok.
Have you walked or strode or glided down a way and seen a few smiles
un thought was that for me or the person behind.
In those moments of doubt which invade the brain when its doodalling along
Why do we allow it so much credit? You know... Doubt.....?
Is it because
Its to Hard and you Might trip up on these pavers, concrete or tarmac
that need relaying or some thing, at the very least, attending to.
( you may have realised that this is an example of going off track)
That your manageing to observe(the trippy up stuff) out the corner of
ones eyeballs.
Do you smile back, maybe nod and proceed with a Big Happy Thought.

Just wondering, cus the day 2day is not 2morrow