Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2 B

Hello little bird

lifes like a jigsaw

Hello political animal

who thinks
the answers
up your sleeves

Hello little bird

don't listen to the spin docters voice

 Their payments well over due


To the animal within our minds , hearts & toes

(cus these little digits R important to the general balance)

Why do  we need to read the same stuff

our species can send a body to play golf upon the cheesey surface of the moon.

How ever

4 some reason known only to Rupert Murdoch 


who provide us mere mortals with our daily bread
yes i would like to have lots of wedge
i can step off the treadmill
of paying the taxes on the wills i accommodate nay accumulate
ever week i die.

Pause for thought

Will the peep who reads this in say 1000000000000 years time 
and as of yet no one has ,but full of hope, i am only looking 4 one sane loony.

Will the peep tink; what a load of reasonable waffle
This bod has a point
Will this get to
                                a point worth reading
                                                                               Will it be enlightening
                                                                                                                              or just more crap

is in the eye of the beholder

lies behind an open door closing backwards

are the form that judges pronounce titles in

creates memories

And last but not least
who the fuck
came up with NO!

isn't Yes! enough to be going on with.

Just maybe........ when some UG-UG
was trying, very hard to be different from the clan
making the pitch for; Hello I'm ere.

They, he or she.... miss-took the shaking of the head in a sideways fashion
as the opposite of the up and down
that was kinda known as conformation of an agreement between said parties.
In fact the side to side motion was in fact an attempt to be rid of a pesky fly that was trying to get some good solid wax for the creation of a homely warm water tight nesting arrangement for......

(apparently one should not repeat ones words ie "for" to often as it shows
a certain uneducated kinda upbringing, fuck dat!
i say, cus dis is from me soul wo/man to be politically correct so there posh twit Na Na Na)

back to the creation story

the young it was about to evict from its nether regions.

Sow a neddle pulling the thread out and into the light came up with the opposite of the said Nod
in agreement!

Thus summut else had to be and sum one came up with No!

Moral of this story is, blame the little things that are just trying to get by rather than ourselves as its easier and a good excuse for coming up with pesticides.

Also sounds alot better or more comforting than proclaiming; some tithhead human animal decided....
They,he or she wanted to have us little folk by the genitals.

Guess what i say we should say to those that imply they have our nether regions in their control.......

Yes, you may believe that
Yes, they are my nether regions
Yes i think you can Sod the Fek off.

Sounds alot better than No, don't u think.

Yes is good
yes is three
yes i'll turn
my back on thee

Yes is fine
yes is now
yes is a smile
and a wow

Yes is rich
yes is nice
yes is yes
so say it thrice.

wasteing my time

and its fun Na Na Na NAA NA
is any one

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