Tuesday, October 20, 2009

whats it all about alfie

get away from the edge
get away from my veg
get away U R Knot a person of good
get away from me fud
get away go out side 
get away go & hide
get away U smell so bad
get away you are sad
get away me eads whizzy
get away i lost me fizzy
get away go on get lost
get away go un doss
get away & take your socks
get away & take those jocks
get away leave me frock
get away walk don't stop
get away i'm watching clock
get away gone on, &.. don't turn around
justget away just hear my sound

Does anyone out there Have a Spare Million or Two

For the purpose of this ditto we will say you have 1,000,000
If By chance its in the Bank then take it out and divide it by the number of needy peeps you see on the streets in the coarse of your day.
eg  If you see 5 then the number you come to is 200,000
      If you see 15 then its 66,666.66
     If you see  39 its 25,641.02
     Should your eyes be open now to this experiment and you can perceive seeing 59601 in the coarse of your day (may be you watch loads of Help The World CDs) the number will be 16.77 

Now maybe to some thats More like IT!

 Maybe to some they're thinking of the difficulties in sending 59601 envelopes
Maybe its better to give to a few cus its not so hard to make sure they get it?
Maybe you r uncomfortable with the similarities to the Number of the Beast......who knows??
Or maybe you've walked the streets and seen no needy,suffering,pennylesspeeps carrying assorted cardboard boxes like their lives depended on them.
Maybe your Blind  & can't see them if so may eye suggest that you ask the person whos read this to your goodself to be your eyes.
Or if your computers read this to you ask it to phone a friend or ask your partner to be yours eyes on the street.

However if by chance you have come to the conclusion that this is a load of Old "Yawn Yawn" Left Wing
Trotskiiiii shite Tosh & you just can't give away money to any old or young Tom, Dick, Hazel or Carol
and you do have a spare 1 or 2 Mil sitting in an account just making peanuts (now here is a get out of jail card if ever i've typed one, for those, who are still thinking " this one refers to it as peanuts!!!" you've read this far so U might as well go the distance.... Double Dare U!) I have this to type to U U & U...

Build something you can then Own & give what U consider to these Poor Dogs a rent free home.
Teach them to be independent Human beings ? & don't forget  cus this idea may have you thinkig of Loads of Rent steadeeeeerly  increaseing to a tidy sum. Allow them to not be Holden to U from the off . that might get you in to the place upstairs me thinks.
Give them a chance let these good folk dance yes let them whoop & sing & PRANCE.
But most of all let them be
of that called Humanity.....big word eh and slightly abused?
But Ow that word again, if U think Ow that word too! that i'm stark raving nuts try to fit yourself & 2 million bucks (small denomination only and not in cequence ) into a coffin to take U away.
Cus I see your friends going ERR? Hey! Fucking HEY!!!.... I'll carry the coffin he was my best friend.
We went through thick & thin "I" should be there at the end.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Day to Day is not Tomorrow

Hello World Hello You
Whats on your shoulder and why are you Blue
Could it be something you've had for tea
Or is it the fact you've been waiting for me

I know.. i'm a tad late, 4 years have passed by
But if i told you the truth
we'd just sit down and squeal
Cus its such good thing a wonderment real
Ok Ok Ok i'll tell you
as you are me best friend
it might take awhile
so stay to the end Ok Ok Ok.
Have you walked or strode or glided down a way and seen a few smiles
un thought was that for me or the person behind.
In those moments of doubt which invade the brain when its doodalling along
Why do we allow it so much credit? You know... Doubt.....?
Is it because
Its to Hard and you Might trip up on these pavers, concrete or tarmac
that need relaying or some thing, at the very least, attending to.
( you may have realised that this is an example of going off track)
That your manageing to observe(the trippy up stuff) out the corner of
ones eyeballs.
Do you smile back, maybe nod and proceed with a Big Happy Thought.

Just wondering, cus the day 2day is not 2morrow