Tuesday, October 20, 2009

whats it all about alfie

get away from the edge
get away from my veg
get away U R Knot a person of good
get away from me fud
get away go out side 
get away go & hide
get away U smell so bad
get away you are sad
get away me eads whizzy
get away i lost me fizzy
get away go on get lost
get away go un doss
get away & take your socks
get away & take those jocks
get away leave me frock
get away walk don't stop
get away i'm watching clock
get away gone on, &.. don't turn around
justget away just hear my sound

1 comment:

  1. hi;to the scruntier of splodge,as named by no 2.Now I've recovered from my convulsions,I can comment on the splodge.I like like like it,1,2 & 3 make sense to me,they made me pause,at first in a cause, but now I am keen to see what the scroot.(scrunt) will say to me.!!!!!!.Dont worry you will be back, from gone away soon.The word you speak will make us swoon(or loon)Happy today tomorrow.ScrooteT,+no 1 & no2 xxx