Tuesday, June 15, 2010

But we all want a can don't we

History/repeating/3rd of June 1979 /Can tin/Can it/Can in/Canteen/Can not/Can ton/Can you/Can/ we/Can they/Can I/Can /all of /them tell us /Oh/why Oh/why./Oh /twas done/before you/did/ not know"Ixtoc 1" same spot,/repeat ed stories/like oil/do flow /from /out the /belly of organ/
donors /yet more it /wants/and more it /gets/I wonder/if /or /maybe /will/we need to have/
another /spill./As 3rd/time lucky/some /do /say/But /whats/the cost /our kids/will pay.
"now your thinking just to far ahead"
Be here and Now?????????????????? LoL