Monday, December 7, 2009


He sat on the bottom step

considered his options
like a learned man

& then quenched his Thirst

Laughter followed by tears

replaced what he'd drunk

A 10,000 amp fence,

that was invisible to his eyes.


those not focused.

He laughed


Flicked the lice to another housing estate.

Not wanting to evict their cousins they made new friends and crawled back.

No place like home,eh!

Chuckling he rubbed his knee

where cloth once kept it warm.

An Inquiring innocent remarked on his Toenails;

"They're like boomerangs Mum"

She wondered if he'd remember

Sunset Kisses over looking Eagle Bay

"Yes darling

But they, won't come back"

He laughed at the pavement
and drank his fill of Tears

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